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What’s The Boldest Move You’ve Ever Made for Your Happiness?

What’s The Boldest Move You’ve Ever Made for Your Happiness?

Wait Till You See What I Just Did!

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Publish:MY BLOG: Toronto Real Estate: Sept 6, 2012

Have you ever done something really bold, out-of-the-blue and totally against the grain all in the name of enriching your life? Maybe you broke up with a boyfriend and moved to Paris. Maybe you decided to ditch the gym membership and take up jogging (even though you’ve never jogged in your life). Maybe you bought yourself a pair of embarrassingly expensive shoes. “Life is short.” “You only live once.” These are the words that played in my mind when I decided to do something completely out-of-the-box recently…

We (my wife, daughter & myself) were living in Orangeville, where we had a dry-cleaning business. The business practally ran our life. Work, work and more work. It was grulling 7 days a week job form me. My wife would spent whatevr time was available after taking care of my 6 years old daughter at the cleaners.

We were blessed, happy, and couldn’t ask for more. Business was booming and we had that success people talk about.

But guess what? I have always had a fascination for a beautiful Florida trip (a la “Disney World). Because business & kids don’t exactly mix, my wife and I had given up on the dream of ever taking a vaccation for at least a few more years. until ….

April 1, 1986: I was busy at the Clean Canda Dry Cleaners, my wife was at home with my daughter. My managers David Wilson, Frank Levy and Hong ( lead presser & repair lady) Plus my business partner Ranish Ghandi and myself were having lunch. (Pizza). Small talk and I said something like “ I feel exausted, feel like taking a couple of days off” They (my Team Canada management) told me to just go ahead and take a few days off. “Why don’t you take your daughter to Florida?”

At first I said no, worrying that this would be an outrageous expense, but then … I began to think about how amazing it would be to show my daughter the Disney World, Space center, to wake up with coffee in hand while peeking out my balconey with a view of the ocean.  It’s now or never for my daughter to see Florida. Opportunites like this don’t pop often.

So, I took the plunge (quite literally) but in a round about way. I dare not tell my wife we are going to Florida. It would be a no go. Preoid!

So, I go home and tell my wife that we are going to Cleveland (my brother) and leaving right now (9PM) – That it is an emergency

Left for Cleveland but actually took the route to Florida. By 3PM, told my wife that we must have took the wrong exit and lets stay in a Motel for the night.  Nest day in the morning, I told her the whole truth – that we are heading to Florida. The rest is history.

We toured the whole of Florida from one end to the other. Spent 6 weeks! Yes, our supposedly 1 week trip landed up to 6 weeks. AND best of all we landed up BUYING a HOUSE in Orlando. $80,000 fully detached 3 bedroom.! This is another impulse buying eposide by itself.

Was it the smartest financial move? Probably not. Was it impulsive? Yeah. Do I regret it. Absolutely not. In fact, I think it may be one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done.


So, tell me:
What outrageous (big or small) thing have you done in the name of happiness or
“I only live once”? I’d love to hear!


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