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July/2012 – Week # 37 – Home Maintenance Tips

July/2012 – Week # 37 – Home Maintenance Tips

Just do it!

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Home Interior

Locate shutoff valves and show them to your family

Emergencies can strike, despite the best precautions. You can prevent an emergency from becoming a catastrophe by learning what to do. Avoid a potential catastrophe and find your home’s electrical, water and gas shutoffs as soon as possible. These shutoffs serve an important purpose, cutting off your home’s electricity, gas and water supply. Knowing where these valves are in an emergency can save lives and prevent thousands of dollars in damage. Once the shutoffs are located, show everyone in your family where they are and how to use them in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Shutoff Valve & Switch Locations

  • Main water shutoff valves are frequently located near water meters. Your water meter is likely outside near the street. Main water shutoff valves can also be located inside your
    home beneath a floor access panel or in a basement. Floor access panels are commonly found in closet floors. Look for a large valve in the middle of a pipe.
  • The main electrical disconnect should be located in or near the circuit panel box. The circuit panel box should be located in the garage, utility room, utility closet or similar out
    of the way location.
  • If you have natural gas service, the gas shutoff valve will likely be located on the gas
    inlet pipe next to the gas meter.

You should keep basic emergency supplies such as a portable radio, a flashlight, extra batteries, a first-aid kit and a first-aid manual on hand at all times. These supplies will be welcomed if a natural disaster occurs. In addition, the first-aid kit and first-aid manual are good to have on hand for household use.




Home Exterior

Check pool tile and grout for cracks or damage.

Over time, you may find that the grout around your pool tile has begun to crack and lift. Exposure to the elements, chlorine, and sun may have faded the color of your grout and left you with tile that is looking lackluster, dull, and splotchy. This is a relatively common phenomenon, and one that can be remedied with the right tools, and a little bit of good old-fashioned elbow grease. By following a few simple steps, you can have your pool tile looking brand new.


Tips & Warnings

  • The cleaner you can get the tile surface prior to cleaning with the sponge, the better. Use the grout float flipped up at a 45-degree angle to the tile to scrape excess grout from the tile surface. This process is similar to that of using a squeegee to clean water from a pane of glass. If you squeegee over the joint surfaces at an angle, you will not lift the grout.
  • You can seal your grout if you desire. Grout sealer provides a moisture barrier that will help keep mold away and make your grout joints easier to clean.
  • There are a variety of different grouts on the market including several “through-body” grouts. These grouts hold their color and consistency much better than traditional grouts. The through-body products are generally more expensive than their traditional counterparts.
  • If you are grouting a particularly large area, you may want to break it into sections. Otherwise, the grout will dry excessively prior to clean-up and make your task that much more difficult. This is especially true when working with natural stone and slate products.
  • Wear rubber gloves when working with grout. Tile grout is a cement-based product, and it can really dry out your skin!




Wash your outdoor furniture fabrics.

Cleaning and maintaining outdoor fabric, outdoor furniture cushions and umbrellas is not very labor intensive. You do not need to do it very often either, but a little TLC goes a long way.

One thing that you can do to keep all your outdoor cushions looking good for a long time, is to simply cover them when not in use. Put them away if you have heavy winters and won’t be using them for months on end.

Emergency Follow these steps to wash away the residue of a long winter in storage:

  • UmbrellasThe exterior coating on an umbrella that repels water and prevents fading can be worn away by harsh detergents, so stick with a gentle cleanser (Martha Stewart likes Dr. Bronner’s). Mix with warm (but not hot) water and use a scrub brush to remove dirt and mildew. For tough stains, repeat the process with a mixture of bleach and warm water (always do a patch test on an unseen swatch of fabric on the inside of the umbrella first, to ensure the color won’t be affected)
  • AwningsA gentle cleanser/water solution is also perfect for awnings. Rinse the awning first, then extend it and scrub in the soap mixture. Rinse again and allow to air dry. As awnings tend to collect dust and windblown debris, repeat this process several times throughout the season and always before storing. To prevent mildew, extend awnings and allow them to dry completely after it rains.
  • UpholsteryFor removable pillowcases and cushion covers, first check the label to determine if they’re machine washable. If so, wash them in cold water only and allow them to air-dry. For pieces that require hand washing, use a mild soap and water mixture (Martha suggests Ivory), rinse, and air-dry. To combat stubborn mildew stains, check to see if the label permits bleach before diluting approximately two tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water, and scrubbing with a soft brush.

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Heard the slogan “JUST DO IT!


 Trying to correct this issue on your own can be dangerous, so it’s best to work with a licensed electrician for needed repairs.
 If unaddressed, tile damage can lead to some costly repair,s so contact a pool pro in your area if you have damaged or missing tiles, that you cannot do.
Last but not the least, want to be protected from the elements? & keep your outdoor furniture —  learn how to build a sunroom onto your home.
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