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Week # 35 – Home Maintenance Tips

Week # 35 – Home Maintenance Tips

Just do it!

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Home Interior

Check for leaks around sinks, showers, toilets and tubs.

Some leaks are pretty hard to miss (think puddles of water), but others can be easily overlooked if you aren’t watching closely. Leaks often start small and can be tucked away under cabinets, behind toilets or even in your crawlspace or attic. While small leaks may seem insignificant, they waste a great deal of water and can cause considerable damage to your home.

In order to catch small leaks before they become big ones, it’s important to regularly inspect bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as appliances. This will help ensure you catch leaks early and keep everything nice a dry indoors.Know the location of the main water shut off valve

Think you need to fix a leaky shower? See this video first.


Home Exterior

Remove water from flooded basements.

Flooded basements create a number of problems and can also be an electrocution risk. Be sure to turn off all power to your house before entering a flooded basement, and avoid the temptation to turn on appliances and major systems that were once underwater. Flooding may have damaged these sensitive devices, and they should be inspected by an expert before they are put back into commission. Want to find out how to prevent basement flooding in the future?



Adjust your irrigation schedule.

Stop wasting water and money and adjust your irrigation system as the seasons begin to change. As fall approaches, many lawns will begin to go dormant and will not need the soakings they received earlier in the year. Watering needs will vary by region and grass type, so contact your local cooperative extension to get detailed information about how much you should water this time of year.

Take the hassle out of maintaining your irrigation system by installing either a sprinkler system and or hiring outside lawn care professionals.


Looking to replace your Fence? – Watch this Video


Local Lawn Care Companies:

  • Green Lawn Professional:(647) 224-9111 serving Toronto
  • Nutri-Lawn: Keith Williams (905) 887-5296 serving Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill & Thornhill
  • Sprinkler King(416) 262-8068 serving Toronto area

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