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Insider Secrets for Open House Prep

Insider Secrets for Open House Prep

Should you hold open house. Yes or No?

Source: Hannif Highclass
Publish:My Blog: 09/07/2011

Open House

Opinion’s differ on this subject – Some real estate agents flatly refuse to hold open houses because for them it is a wastage of time and the main criteria for holding open houses is to find new clients. While some agents do love it because they are looking for these new clients.

The sad part is, I have seen it over and over again that a majority of the open houses are held by listing agents who have already given up of finding a buyer for the sellers house, and are doing it as said above simply because the seller insist on having one or they are wanting to get the hook on a client to sign up as a buyer broker agent.

Although, not every home is a candidate for an open house due to its location, condition or competition in the market place, you won’t know how much buyer traffic you will draw until you try. Exposure to potential buyers and to individuals who will talk about your home to others is almost always worthwhile.

I have sold to walk-ins right on the spot, quite a few times. Call it luck or ??

Pre-Open House Preparation

The old expression “a first impression makes a lasting impression” is true here

Best Time for an Open House

In many communities, Sunday afternoon is best. & Saturdays specially in our GTA Toronto is common

  • Two hours is typically the minimum, but some are held open four hours, for example, from 1 to 5 PM.
  • Some agents do “blitzes,” and trade off shifts, holding homes open from early morning until late evening.
  • Schedule your open house to avoid conflicts with holidays, community celebrations or special events such as the Super Bowl.
  • Check the weather forecast, too, because cold or rainy days tend to make people stay home.

At Least 7 Days Before Your First Open House

Here are few things I suggest doing before holding your first open house:

List the property for at least a week or so. Depending on the market conditions. Let the Agents start showing the property to their home buyers or a home inspection to preview your home. Agents can give you valuable feedback about how your home shows and whether your home pricing will meet buyer expectations.

Move some furniture into storage. Sometimes sellers don’t want to cooperate with home staging. Excuses I have heard are “my furniture is too valuable to move twice,” or “I think the rooms look lovely arranged this way.” But smart sellers prepare a home for sale and move at least one piece of furniture out of every room. It makes the space look larger and more inviting to buyers — to the people whose opinion matters.

Remove items not included in the sale. Telling a buyer she cannot have your dishwasher because it’s too expensive to leave behind or that the ceiling fan does not stay with the house because your father gave it to you serves only to make the buyer demand it. If buyers don’t see it, they won’t want it. If, you intend to replace the new expencive appliences with the regular run of the mill ones, do it before hand.

Make arrangements for your pets to leave the house. Selling a home where pets live is difficult enough without advertising the fact that pets live there. Call a family member or friend and ask if they could take care of your pets for a few hours. Pets are also a distraction during an open house, and you want buyers to admire your home, not your cockatoo.

Have four-color flyers or brochures promoting your home ready. I use card stock coated in gloss. It makes them hard to fold, and they stand out among the other flyers buyers pick up. But make sure you include photographs, specs and pertinent information such as the price on your flyer, because it’s easy for buyers to forget particulars.

48 to 72 Hours Before Your First Open House

Clean and scour the house top to bottom. Vacuum cobwebs from corners, wipe windowsills and wash the windows, inside and out. Forget preconceived notions about cleanliness — pay attention to small details and concentrate on making the home appear sterile.

  • Buff surfaces, appliances and floors to a gleaming shine.
  • Launder and fluff bedding, towels and rugs.
  • Touch up spots on the walls.
  • Sweep out the garage.
  • Prune bushes, deadhead flowers, clean the sidewalks and mow the lawn.

24 Hours Before Your First Open House

At this point, your home sparkles and glitters.

  • Open all the windows to air out the house.
  • Bake or pick-up treats for your open house guests.
  • Give every room the “once over,” by standing in the doorways and scrutinizing the view.
  • Set out cards that house hunters can fill out to give you buyer feedback.
  • Arrange flowers in attractive vases and place in appropriate places throughout your home to add color and floral fragrance.

When you’re finished, go out to dinner and reward yourself.
Dining out has an added benefit too; at least you won’t be temped to mess up the house.

NOTE: For those Home Sellers, who do really need Home Staging to get their house sold, please check the links below. Certain houses will definitely sell faster and for a much higher price by having their home setup by professionals. A little bit of reading on how home staging works and what they do might not be bad. Just use a couple of their staging ideas and Wahalla! your home looks A1.
The Last Detail
Design Contours


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