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Curb Appeal or Web Appeal

Curb Appeal or Web Appeal

What sells a house these days? Well, some unusual evidence suggests just may be a good Internet mls listing.  The COO of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff says, in an article on ABC News that,

Sellers used to have to worry about curb appeal: How does the grass look, etc. Now a seller needs to worry about Web Appeal: When a buyer is browsing on the Web, what is their first impression.

Genie SABRE could not agree more. We just MLS Listed a property 5 Juneau Cres. Whitby, ON. The first thing I told the Home Seller is that we have to have a professional Video done.  The Seller wanted  make one himself but I had to convince him that we need a professional  job. We say it over and over again to our clients, sound like a broken record. Zillow’s  statement was perfect and it’s nice to get a reinforcement.

If 85% (some sources say almost 90%) of home buyers start their search online, doesn’t it make sense for you, as a Toronto Real Estate more precise Whitby Real Estate  Seller, to take full advantage of online marketing?

When genieSABRE says take full advantage we don’t just mean pretty photos and a couple of search platforms.  You should be doing great photos, video, virtual shows, e-flyers, directories, blog posts and using as many available tools as possible to expose your property to potential buyers.

My colleagues laugh at me when I talk to them about online marketing because they say I speak a foreign language  between embedding, WP, FB, html, css, syndicating, plugins, widgets……you get the picture. It does feel like I have a some sort of degree in Social Media after being immersed in the medium for almost 1 year… ;) .

Just a quick glance at by OBEO Tour Traffic Statistics shows a 140 clicks in the 4 days of our listings. Is there a magic formula for which search sites to use or what way to market on-line for your house to be noticed?  I wish I could say yes, but the way I look at it, the more you do and the better you expose, the better the chances that a buyer may find your property.

genieSABRE goes out of our way to learn about new platforms and new methods of marketing so our listings are found.  It takes a lot of work to stay on top of technology, but it’s one of the services we feel is crucial for successful marketing of any real estate property.


A good web listing can help you sell your house in any market good or bad.
Granted, not everything is presentation.

A high-end video can get you Web hits, but a low end price is even better.

**written ABC News – June 18th, 2009**

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