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Week # 33 – Home Maintenance Tips

Week # 33 – Home Maintenance Tips

Just do it!

Source: Hannif Highclass
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Home Interior

Check for leaks in toilet tank.

The toilet is one of the most common water wasters but its leaks tend to be less noticeable than faucet leaks.

To determine if your toilet is leaking, look at the toilet bowl after the tank has stopped filling. If water is still running into the bowl, or if water can be heard running, your toilet is leaking.

While some toilet leaks are easy to find (think water puddle on the floor), others like a leaky tank can be difficult to spot. To identify these hidden leaks, drop food coloring into your tank. If after 30 minutes, the food coloring is in the bowl, then you have a leak around your toilet flapper.


Home Exterior

Inspect flood lights.

Flood lights are a great source of exterior illumination, but they don’t work with blown bulbs. Changing exterior bulbs this time of year is extremely important because as the days get shorter, exterior lighting will become even more important. Be careful when working on your ladder, though. Ladders can be very dangerous and result in 164,000 emergency-room-treated injuries each year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.!


Make sure water isn’t pooling in your yard.

Poor drainage in the garden can have many causes. If you have a high seasonal water table you will find that the water sits on or close to the surface during periods of high rainfall.

If your soil structure is heavy, this too can reduce soil permeability and cause poor drainage.

Low points in the garden, can allow water to collect and drain poorly.

Walking on your poorly drained lawn when it’s wet can further add to the problem because the wet soil compacts and loses its structure.

NOTE:Poorly graded lawns will collect and hold water, turning your backyard paradise into a Club Med for mosquitoes. To permanently fix drainage problems, you’ll probably need the help of a landscaper who can regrade your yard and improve your drainage system.
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