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Week # 31 – Home Maintenance Tips

Week # 31 – Home Maintenance Tips

Just do it!

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Home Interior

Inspect all exposed wiring

Electrical fires annually kill 310 people, injure 1,100 and cause $1.1 billion in property loss, in Canada and USA combined. Problems with wiring are a leading cause of electrical fires, so inspect your home’s exposed wiring to ensure it’s in good shape. Frayed or damaged wiring can be a major fire hazard and should be immediately repaired. Trying to correct this issue on your own can be dangerous, so it’s best to work with a licensed electrician for needed repairs.


Home Exterior

Check attic vent openings for nests and blockages.

Attics and saunas have one thing in common – they can both be hot and steamy. Unfortunately, attics are not supposed to feel this way. Attics need to breathe, so it’s important to ensure your soffit and gable vents are free of blockages and are in good repair. These vents are often covered with insulation or clogged with nesting materials from birds and squirrels. Both can cause significant problems. Proper ventilation will reduce moisture levels in your attic, prolong the lifespan of your roof and help keep your home cooler during the summer. If heading into your attic, be sure to go early in the day when temperatures are coolest. Attic fans can be an effective way to ventilate an attic. Find out more about them, including info on costs



Raise the cutting height of your lawnmower.

Hot, dry temperatures are stressful for your lawn. To help keep your grass in pristine condition, raise the height of your lawnmower’s blade. Allowing your lawn to grow taller during the summer will help promote a better root system and develop a more drought resistant turf. The taller grass blades also discourage weed development and help shade your soil, which conserves moisture. Not sure you have the right sod for your lawn?

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