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Buyer – Commission Cash Rebate

Buyer – Commission Cash Rebate

Get Paid When You Buy With genieSABRE!

Source: Hannif Highclass
Published Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011 6:27PM EDT

If you are looking to save thousands of $$$ on the purchase of your new home or commercial properties. — YOU come to the right place. Our cash rebate program is designed specifically for individuals or Investors that would like to internet search for the property on their own. Once you have identified the property you want to purchase, just give us a call.

Our Licensed Agent will:

  • SHOW you the property
  • GIVE expert advice
  • SUBMIT the offer
  • NEGOTIATE the best price and
  • WALK you through the closing at no charge to you.

When you choose SABRE, as your Exclusive Agent, not only do you receive exceptional service – – you could earn up to 50% of our commission that we get from the sellers.

For example on a $400,000 home you can could earn up to $5,000 — that can be used towards your closing cost or help you buy the furniture for your new home.

Internet Technology  = Efficient to search for and buy a home

Many home buyers are now doing the research themselves from the comforts of their own homes when looking to buy a home.  They search such topics as schools, neighbourhoods, shopping, restaurants, other amenities, home values, and property taxes.

Receiving up-to-date e-mails through their Realtor agent on new home listings in the areas in which they are searching gives the home buyer an advantage of being notified first.  All of these new tools gives the home buyer greater flexibility, convenience, and more control than they’ve ever had before.

Since the Buyer’s are doing some of the work on home buying process as mentioned above —

SABRE’s philosophy is that we share the commission with you in the form of a rebate check  or  credit for your home purchase because you are doing the research and leg work finding the home that is best for you. There is no catch!


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